talltreesAlthough I have studied with extraordinary teachers and I’m trained in several powerful healing technologies, my own life experiences have significantly shaped my understanding of the living universe that we are intimately a part of.

I came into the world with an expanded sense of awareness and an ability to read energy. As a child everything “spoke” to me and I had experiences that often overwhelmed me. I was able to connect with people and accurately intuit things about their past, present and future that they found helpful. I could feel people’s emotions, which I sometimes confused as my own. I often heard an inner voice that gave me information about people’s lives that I couldn’t possibly know. This inner voice was different than my own in that it possessed wisdom far greater than my years.

My need to understand my experiences led to a lifetime pursuit of studying world religions, consciousness, spirituality, and psychology. All of this ultimately led me to my training in various healing modalities, including energy medicine and shamanism of indigenous cultures.

Looking back, I realize that I was training for a destiny that took years to fully understand and embrace. I wouldn’t trade a moment of it. To live your life purpose is the most fulfilling experience there is.

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