Your Power to Choose Love Over Fear

vastsunsetI learned a simple, yet profound, truth years ago when I was medically diagnosed with an “irreversible” condition. When I heard this diagnosis, after months of testing, I feared the bleak future that lay ahead for me. I was compelled to work on myself like never before.

Sometimes fear is hidden, even from yourself. Sometimes it’s hiding out in your subconscious, living out an old ‘soul contract’ of protecting you by preventing change.

One day while feeling depressed about my condition, I heard a voice inside of me say, “To the degree that you release your fear is the degree that you will heal.” Then I was shown exactly where I was in relationship to fear. Although the path was not linear, and there were many lessons for me, I did eventually heal. Subsequently, my faith deepened and led me further into a path of spiritual devotion that fills and replenishes me everyday.

Whatever the situation is that’s causing difficulties, it’s only a symptom of the place where fear is residing. We have the power to transform our lives by choosing love over fear in every moment of our lives.