Shamanic Energy Medicine

DSC_0150Shamanism has its roots in Indigenous wisdom and healing traditions that have been practiced throughout the world for thousands of years. Shamanism forms a bridge between ancient and modern worlds by reawakening our connection to nature and our respectful place within the Web of Life. There is no doctrine or dogma to follow, as it is a living wisdom that is made accessible by direct experience with the unseen world of energy. It is our oldest healing and spiritual path. All of the world’s spiritual traditions began within a shamanic context of direct revelation with the divine.

The shaman journeys into altered states of consciousness to enter the animated world of spirit to locate the cause of illness or emotional trauma. They bring back vital information or missing soul parts that are needed for healing. They are primarily interested in healing the cause of distress, as opposed to treating the symptoms. Traditional psychology works more on the literal level with healing, while shamanism involves working on the mythic/symbolic level of the soul.

During a session, when we move out of the literal level of healing and into energy work, we enter the domain of the soul where deep healing occurs. From there I work to release the energy imprints of original wounding, and energetically nourish and balance your system. Soul loss is a common reason for many physical and emotional difficulties. Ongoing work might involve a soul retrieval to bring back a disowned part, and replacing an old ‘soul contract’ made at the time of original wounding with a new one that is aligned with your new destiny.

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