“Suzan Pelfrey is a gifted and compassionate healer. Not only was she able to resolve a childhood issue with me but, she likely cured me of a pituitary tumor and clogged arteries at a very distressing time of my life. I am very grateful to her.”
Lavanya Michel – California

“My wife and I decided to address some longstanding issues in our marriage. In our couples sessions, Suzan is helping us — efficiently yet tenderly — cut through the crap and focus in on the issues that really matter. Through her combined talents as counselor and shamanic energy practitioner, she creates a space where we feel safe speaking to each other with our true hearts and spirits. The result is that a lot of our “problems” now seem more like opportunities to deepen our love and further our spiritual journey together.”
Robert T. – Illinois

‘Suzan is an alchemist. She uses her remarkable gift of intuition to meld ancient shamanic practices with contemporary wisdom in order to bring you to an experience of your highest self. Her sessions leave you with a clear understanding of where you want to go and how to move forward. Her work is deeply transformative. Yet, it is also very practical. Her practice is authentic, nurturing, and highly effective.’
Melinda Farrelly, California

“In moments of deep crisis, I turn to Suzan. I have full trust in her gift of bringing me into a place of stillness to see how to navigate through trying times. She makes herself available for sessions around my hectic shooting schedule and I feel very connected to her in Skype sessions. Suzan guides me to find powerful ways to ground myself that address my psychological and spiritual needs. It is a combo that works for me to integrate traditional therapy with the realm of the unknown. I refer her without hesitation to anyone looking for more meaning and authenticity in their lives.
Jen Gatien, Film Producer, New York

“Suzan Pelfrey is a deeply gifted intuitive and healer; trained by master shamans and fully grounded in her commitment to expanding awareness and evolution. Suzan dives straight into the heart of energies and patterns that are blocking her clients and students, initiating release and drawing lighted potential into people and their lives. She is one of the true healers and soul teachers on our planet.”
Christy Bernat – Healing Practitioner – Colorado

“I worked with Suzan over the phone long before I met her in person. In either setting, her amazing insight, compassion and integrity shine bright and clear; it is immediately evident that she is a true healer. In her hands, both counseling and energy healing are an art. Her wonderful skills are helping me move away from a fear-based life to a life of trust, aliveness and Spirit.”
Helen J. – Philanthropist – Wisconsin