Personal Healing Sessions

rockspiralYour openness and my intuitive insight allow what is needed to become clear in the first session. The work that follows goes more deeply into core issues and life situations and offers space for energy processes (remote and in person) and other healing modalities and strategies. The time between sessions makes room for integration with suggestions for practices and homework to support and ground the work done.

Couple’s ReVisioning Sessions
Learn how to shift your relationship so that it not only nourishes your individual needs, it deepens your shared path. As an experienced mediator, I teach couples communicate skills so that their truth can be shared and received in undefended ways, bringing new life into the relationship.

Business Consulting
I am currently working with KIJINI, a new technology company that has created a suite of mobile apps designed to give the user insight into their health based on frequencies transmitted through their voice. The data has been developed over more than 20 years of clinical use, and is at the cutting edge of science.
Due to this commitment I am not available for business consulting at this time.

Renewal Retreats
Whether it’s for one day or several days, taking time off from your busy life so that you can spend time in nature and focus on your healing journey may be just what you need. I create custom healing retreats that renew your spirit and shift your life from the inside out. Please use the contact form for more information.

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