Your Energy Body

energybodyThe study of the chakras and the luminous body of energy that exists at the core of your being, has roots in ancient India as well as thousands of years of application within the healing modalities of indigenous cultures all over the world

Each of us has an energetic frequency that is our own personal Energy Signature. You can learn how to raise your energetic frequency to bring health and balance to every level of your life. An understanding of your energy system allows you to not only access a deeper understanding of yourself and others, but also gives you ways to profoundly shift your health and reach higher levels of self awareness and consciousness.

The human energy field is composed of a luminous body of light, color and sound, and forms an energetic blueprint for your life. Although there are hundreds chakras in the human body, the most important ones are the seven main chakras located along the spinal column- from the base of the spine and extending to the top of the head. When they are healthy, they each emit one of the seven colors of the rainbow. The chakras express the life force energy that is responsible for your physical, mental and emotional health, and your spiritual evolution. Each chakra corresponds to a particular area of life, physical health and level of consciousness.

The human energy field surrounds and penetrates your physical body and extends outward in the shape of a large torus that is connected to your body through the chakras. It extends outward several feet depending on your health. Chakra is an ancient Sanskrit word-meaning wheel or disc. A chakra is a vortex of energy that is in constant motion. When healthy it is rotating in a clockwise movement from its position in the center of the spine, extending outward in a funnel shape in the front and back of the body. When they are blocked or congested, an imbalance is created that can manifest in many ways including, your physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health. This can dramatically affect your life experiences. Each chakra is like a computer database that records all of your experiences, which in turn propels your life in certain directions by attracting certain people and experiences to you. Clearing the energetic “imprints” of original wounding, karmic patterns, and ancestral issues stops them from informing us in negative ways and frees us to live the lives we want to live.

Yoga was originally developed to assist in opening the chakras. This is because each chakra is associated with an aspect of universal knowledge leading to enlightenment.